Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tried to take some 5 month pictures of Emma today but she moves around so much and gets unhappy so quickly that it's getting pretty hard to get good, clear pictures of her now! I thought taking pictures of babies got easier the older they get, haha, but I was wroooong. Anywho, look how cute -

We finally put up our "RENT" sign in our yard and I swear that's what's making this move sink in for me. All of the sudden I'm so... unhappy about it. I was so excited to go, and part of me still is because I love Virginia and I'm glad to get Emma away from the trashy hellhole that is Panama City, but I really do not want to leave Chris. I don't want to be without him.

At first I was so worried that leaving would ruin our relationship, I was scared to even think about trying because I've done it before and I know how long distance tends to fail for most people. Especially since our relationship is still fairly new. But if I feel like if you want something bad enough - if you are truly determined for things to work out - then they will. And I am determined to make things work. It all depends on if he can handle the distance or not... and I hope he can. There is no try, there is only do. We can do ittttt!

Anyway, I was bored and decided to do one of these things to keep track of how much we've been dating... It's really pointless but I saw it a friend's myspace and was curious to know how many days we've been together. I want to do one for how long Emma's been alive next. You know, when I'm not too lazy to go back to the website.

But since I am too lazy and Emma is now awake, I'm going to go back to watching Lost! Until next time, dear blog. Adios.


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I love your blog :)
Your baby is so adorable!:))
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