Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yesterday was pretty good. Now that Chris and I won't get to see each other as often as we did during the summer, I'm going to try to go to his house every Wednesday and he'll come to mine on the weekends. It sucks that our time is so limited now, especially considering I'm about to leave, but I'm glad that I can feel comfortable going to his house again because I think I like hanging out over there more than at mine. The only real difference is that we have more privacy at my house and more of Emma's things to keep her entertained. He has a little brother who's about a year and a half old so they do have some things that Emma can use, but Emma is so picky about what'll entertain her. But... yeah. Spent last night hanging out with Chris, Britney, and Pat. Watched the guys play NCAA and then watched some weird ass concert festival on TV for a while. I really wish I had my license so I could go over there more often.

I've spent the past week becoming obsessed with Lost. No joke! I never wanted to watch it before because I generally hate anything to do with being stranded, especially being stranded on a deserted island. The entire concept just sounded way too boring for me. But... my life can be way too boring for me, so I saw season 1 on Netflix Instant and decided to watch it. This shit is like TV crack! I'm already on season 2, haha. Sooo... the combination of Lost being awesome and things being almost back to perfect with Chris makes this a pretty great week. Can't even explain how happy Chris makes me and how glad I am to have him in my life.


Anonymous said...

Your little girl is way too cute! :)

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